What Are Cement Shingles and How Do They Fare Compared to Other Roofing Materials?

Cement shingles are extremely popular and for good reason. They are durable, appealing and designed to last a long time, and if they are installed properly, they will rival many other roofing materials that can’t necessarily keep up at least in some conditions.

But how does cement roofing really compare with other types of roofing materials? Should you even consider it, or would it be best to get something else from the start? Let’s find out!

Evaluating the Performance of Cement Shingle Roofing

Cement roofing is considered to be highly resilient. After all, cement has quite a reputation for being a strong and durable building material that can hold up against storms and many other stressors without too much difficulty. However, cement shingles are typically a lot more fragile because of their shape and thickness, and since the material is typically too heavy to make thicker shingles, its durability is somewhat limited.

With good maintenance, cement shingles can rival most concrete and even some metal roofing materials, and they are definitely better than asphalt shingles. You will, of course, need to consider the constant upkeep of these roofing shingles, especially when they have to be painted. Repainting cement is a tedious job that has to be done regularly to avoid the paint fading away.

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Despite the fact that it’s somewhat on the heavier side, cement can still be installed without too much trouble as a roofing material. As long as you find an experienced roofing Austin contractor to help you out, you’ll have the process done surprisingly fast, and the level of difficulty associated with setting up the roof will not be greater than most.

Is a Cement Roof a Good Choice for You?

Depending on where you live and what you really want to choose it for, cement roofing can be effective and it can provide you with the experience you want. Cement offers good insulation and can be used as an effective energy-efficient roofing material in some situations. Also, it provides a pretty good level of durability as long as it’s properly maintained and there aren’t too many stressors. So, if you live in an area that’s more or less stable climate-wise, you can definitely rely on cement shingles to keep protecting your home.

For areas with challenging weather, sudden heat waves and lots of precipitation, cement shingles might not be the best idea. As temperatures climb or drop, the shingles will be put under more stress, and it can be a challenge to keep inspecting and repairing the roof if it constantly needs a high degree of upkeep. Other alternatives could be better in such cases, such as metal, slate or concrete, and if you’re in a colder area, wood shakes might also be viable as an alternative to cement shingles, albeit they might not be as durable or as resilient.

Whether a sturdy cement roof is your choice or not, it’s important to hire the right roofers for the job. Contact your friendly local Austin roofers, and they will provide you with a surprisingly affordable offer for your new roof, while ensuring that you get the best possible performance you can imagine.

About the author: Salvador Frazier