When is the Best Time of Year to Schedule Roofing Maintenance in TX?

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Although winters are rather mild in Texas, during the fall-winter period, the roofs here may still be exposed to difficult weather conditions: strong winds, rain, etc. On the other hand, summers are hot, often with periods of drought. Given these circumstances, roofs in Texas need special attention, and the best times to take care of the inspection and maintenance of your roof are fall and spring, to make sure that it is ready for winter, but also that it has come out well out of it and is ready to withstand the upcoming heat waves.

However, do not do this on your own, but entrust the maintenance of your roof to a Flower Mound commercial roofing team. The experts will assess the current condition of the roof and the potential dangers, and they will come up with the best solutions to effectively eliminate them.

A key aspect in choosing roofing materials is their quality; the durability of the roof depends on them. However, this aspect is not everything; if you do not carry out regular inspections and if do not maintain your roof, the materials will degrade prematurely.

The condition of the roof is one of the main indicators, based on which we can assess the overall condition of the building. This aspect is especially important when evaluating the building – a neglected and damaged roof can significantly reduce the value of the property.

What does roofing maintenance entail?

Elimination of minor damage

If certain damage is found during the inspection of the roof, it must be repaired as soon as possible. If the damage is minor, it is enough to clean and patch the area (and paint it, where appropriate, in order to restore the uniform color of the roof). Keep in mind, however, that even the smallest damage can have severe consequences, which may occur at the most unexpected moments, e.g. in the middle of winter.

Cleaning the roof cover

Cleaning the roof is also important before winter, to eliminate debris that may clog the gutters and block the snow on the roof. The cover should be free of dirt and debris, which can be removed using a soft broom and low-pressured water.

Checking the roof’s most vulnerable areas

During roof maintenance operations, Flower Mound commercial roofing specialists will also check the roof’s structure, because it is extremely exposed to certain factors such as the pressure exerted by the cover materials, earthquakes, etc. Other vulnerable areas of the roof can be the intersections of valleys, as well as those around the roof penetrations: chimneys, vents, skylights…

Unclogging gutters

The autumn-winter season is also the most demanding for the drainage system of a roof. Gutters are covered with leaves but also with snow, which can partially melt and freeze again, clogging them, or putting pressure on them. Autumn maintenance work must include the cleaning of gutters and downspouts, and spring maintenance should be focused on checking the rainwater system and identifying any damage that may have occurred during the cold season.

Regular maintenance of the roof ensures peace of mind and comfort of the people living in the building, while positively influencing your budget. It is certainly cheaper and easier to eliminate minor damage once in a while than to invest in costly major repairs later on.


About the author: Salvador Frazier