What You Should Expect to Pay for Various Residential Roof Installations

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Statistical data show that roof replacement costs today are in the $5,000-11,000 range on the average. However, the actual price that you will have to pay for the new roof that will be installed on your building can be several thousand dollars higher or a couple of hundred lower, the final amount being determined by a number of factors – here are some.

The Size of the Roof

Roof installation prices are calculated on a per square foot basis, which means that the larger your roof, the higher the final amount to be paid.

The Roofing Material that You Choose

The price of the material that you choose is one of the most important factors that influence the price of your roof. Asphalt shingles are currently the most affordable – the price of the roofing material for a 2,200-square-foot home is around $2,500. The next item on the pricing list is metal roofing – the price of the material needed for roofing a home of the same size is only five hundred dollars higher. The next category in the price range is concrete and cement tiles, followed slate, the highest-priced material, for around $20,000.

Labor Costs

The expenses related to the labor and the overheads that pertain to your roofing project are also calculated on a per square foot basis and are based on the type of the material that is installed. For example, getting an asphalt shingle roof installed is the cheapest, usually in the $1.5-3 range. As a general rule, around 60% of the total costs of your new roof will go towards labor costs.

Labor costs are also influenced by the actual roofing situation. If the old roof needs to be removed before the installation, the process will add about $1-5 per square foot of shingles to the expenses.

Extra Features

Any special roof feature that you need with your roof will increase the price of the roof – the more complicated your roof design, the higher-priced the installation. The features that can add to your expenses include the installation of skylights, dormers, special vents or special chimneys.

The Location of Your Building

Roof prices vary not only based on the project tasks and the materials involved, but from state to state as well. The states that have notoriously high real estate prices also require building owners to pay for roofing services more than the states with lower property prices.

Payment Options

A reputable roofing contractor Lakewood CO professional confirms that there are many great financing options that help you get your new roof without having to pay its complete price in one lump sum, out of your pocket. If you choose an energy-efficient, sustainable roofing solution, you might become eligible for various state-level incentives and tax reduction – these programs are launched individually by the states, so before you pick your roof design and material it is a good to check eligibility conditions. Most roofers also offer payment plans that you can use to make your roof easier to pay for and you can also turn to your bank for a loan.

About the author: Salvador Frazier