Don’t Ignore These Commercial Roof Repairs Your Building Needs

The roof is among the major components of any type of building envelope, the condition of the roof being a factor that determines the overall condition of the entire construction. To ensure the safety and perfect operational condition of commercial buildings, the owners and managers of commercial buildings need to pay special attention to the condition of the roof on the buildings they are in charge of, which means that they need to familiarize themselves with the most common roof faults and they need to take timely repair action whenever necessary.

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Here are some of the most common roofing issues that should never be ignored.

Signs of Excessive Moisture inside the Building

If the doors and the windows seal properly and the building’s foundation is intact, but damp patches, mold or mildew are present in the interior spaces, it is a sign that moisture can penetrate through the roof. The process requires a trained eye therefore to remedy the problem, get the roof checked by skilled Frederick roofers. You might also need to get the insulation under the roof checked and corrected or replaced.

Damp Patches or Water Dripping from the Ceiling

This is a clear sign that the roof has a leak and you need adequate repair right away. There are many things that can cause roof leaks, the most common culprits being damage caused by a recent storm, such as a puncture or a displaced roofing element, the damage of the flashing stripes installed the roof openings or the shrinkage of the roofing membrane caused by natural aging or by neglect.

Ponding Water

Smaller or larger pools of water staying on the roof after the rain has stopped indicate that the roof’s surface has become uneven because of some sort of damage or because of sagging. Even if you see no sign of water damage, ponding water weakens the roof over time, therefore the problem needs to be addressed in a timely manner.

Blown-Off Parts

If the roof is exposed to exceptionally strong winds or if the surface material is not properly attached to the substrate, smaller or larger components might become lifted or completely removed. The problem needs to be fixed right away to prevent further damage to the deeper layers of the roof and to the roof surface that still seems intact.

Water Soaking the Walls of the Building

Roofing systems include not only the roof itself, but a drainage system composed of gutter pipes and downspouts that direct the water from rain and melted snow away from the building and into the ground. If see that the exterior of your walls is soaked in water, the issue might be caused by a gutter system that has been incorrectly installed or that is clogged or otherwise damaged. The remedy is simple: the pipes need to be inspected and cleaned. You can also prevent clogging in the future if you install gutter guards – these semi-tubes go inside the gutter pipes and they hold up any debris that would otherwise reach into the pipes, letting only water into the pipe.

About the author: Salvador Frazier