The Right Color of Roofing Shingles Does Matter

When you are building a new home or when you are renovating or upgrading the roof on an older building, picking the right roof color is essential – here is why roof color is so important and how you should select the right hue. Why the Color of Your Shingles Is So Important The color […]

What are the Best Rated Roofing Materials for Houston TX?

The climate of Houston is classified as humid subtropical, with tropical influences. The hottest month is August (34.7 °C), while the coldest is January (5.7 °C). Rainfall is typically ample in Houston, throughout the year, and severe weather is not uncommon, especially during the wet season (May to October) and the Atlantic hurricane season. The […]

Tips to Preventing the Need for Roof Replacement

Periodic inspections, at least twice a year, will help you discover damaged materials, connecting elements or other visible problems. We recommend that you make an appointment with an authorized installer for roof inspections, both in spring and autumn, to make sure that your roof can withstand winter’s weather or came out of it in good […]